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Decolonizing Real Estate Podcast

Powered by Gumbo: The Podcast, Decolonizing Real Estate Podcast explores the colonial roots of real estate in the Western world–roots that have historically led to the displacement of Black and Indigenous peoples and hindered their access to land. It does this while acknowledging that although there is an obvious need for land and property, it presents a cultural conundrum as the Western philosophies around land differ greatly from those in traditional African culture. Sitting alongside these ideas, this podcast ultimately speaks candidly about these topics while also working to increase real estate access for African people in this country and abroad, from a decolonized and Afrocentric approach.


Reclaiming Agricultural Land

Featuring Ashley James

Combating Racism in Real Estate

Featuring Cynthia Tibbs

Black Community Sustainability with Tarsha Gary

Featuring Tarsha Gary

Black Family Land Rights

Featuring Valerie Wade

Reclaiming Our Land

Discuss the importance of reclaiming our land


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